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Compassionate Representation In Stepparent And Grandparent Adoptions

In the state of Texas, adopting a stepchild or grandchild is a relatively straightforward process. In both instances, however, the parental rights of a child's biological parent must be terminated. In terminating a biological parent's parental rights, the court will review the household environment a stepparent or grandparent can provide, the preferences of a child and the relationship a child has with his or her biological parent. If the court believes a stepparent or grandparent adoption is in the best interests of a child, the parental rights of the child's mother or father will be terminated. This means a biological parent will not have visitation rights, access to a child's medical information or any legal claim on him or her. Likewise, the adopted child loses all rights to child support, medical benefits coverage or claims on the estate of their biological parent.

At the law office of Gregory Hitt, I prepare and file all necessary paperwork related to stepparent and grandparent adoptions. My office handles parental termination requests and helps coordinate any in-home studies or psychological evaluations ordered by the court. To schedule an appointment to learn how I can help you, contact Austin, Texas, stepparent adoptions attorney Gregory Hitt today.

The Stepchild/Grandchild Adoption Process

In general, adopting a stepchild or grandchild requires the voluntary termination of parental rights, an in-home study and a FBI background check. Depending on the nature of each case, the court may request additional actions as well. The in-home study and background check are intended to uncover any potential problems that could pose a threat to the well-being of a child.

While a criminal record will not automatically prevent someone from adopting their stepchild or grandchild, the court may require more investigation or consideration before approving an adoption. Here, the nature of a criminal offense and the age of the child in question will play a role in determining what course of action that court selects.

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If you are interested in adopting a stepchild or grandchild and are unsure where to begin, contact Austin, Texas, adoption attorney Gregory Hitt today by calling 512-774-6696. I can explain the process, discuss the financial and legal issues involved, and begin the process necessary for terminating the parental rights of a child's biological parent.