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Austin, Texas, Lawyer Handling High Net Worth Divorce

In Texas, the community estate belongs to both parties, regardless of each spouse’s monetary and nonmonetary contributions. In the event of a divorce, the community estate will be divided along with community debts. For some couples, the division of property can be fairly straightforward. For others — older, established couples with significant wealth, for example — property division can be complicated and prone to dishonesty and disagreements.

At my Austin, Texas, law firm, I represent individuals with high net worth who are going through divorce. I am Board Certified in Family Law, by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. I possess ample knowledge of divorce’s complexities, the methods for uncovering the true nature of an individual’s assets and the most advisable strategies that should be used to obtain favorable results for my clients.

Identifying Community And Separate Property Is Vital For Obtaining Favorable Results

Community property — property and debt accumulated throughout your marriage — belongs to both parties and, under Texas law, undergoes division. Separate property such as gifts, inheritance and property owned prior to marriage does not have to undergo division.

All community and separate property need to first be identified. While tangible property such as your family home and your cars can be easily identified, some types of property can be difficult to identify or locate. In some instances, one party may even attempt to hide his or her assets in secret accounts or give to a third party for “safekeeping” during divorce proceedings.

As your lawyer, I can work with highly trained professionals, including financial appraisers, business evaluation consultants and forensic accountants to uncover, trace and identify all property, assets and debts that should be considered in property division.

Many of my divorce clients are mature individuals who:

  • Own or owned businesses
  • Own or owned a professional practice such as a law or medical practice
  • Own stock options
  • Are retired or are nearing retirement age
  • Are receiving Social Security benefits or will soon receive benefits
  • Have children from a prior marriage whom they wish to consider in their overall estate plan as well as divorce decisions

Dividing assets for established individuals can pose some challenges. With my help, we can get you through this matter as seamlessly and positively as possible. With years of experience and diligent advocacy, I seek timely resolution through negotiation, settlement and collaborative methods. While going to trial is unlikely, I will not hesitate to do so if in your best interest.

Contact My Austin Law Firm

Many complexities can arise when a couple has been married for decades and has various types of valuable property and assets. I strive to work with my clients in an open, communicative and supportive environment to help them reach their property division goals. Call my Austin, Texas, law firm at 512-774-6696 or contact me, Gregory Hitt, to schedule a personal consultation to discuss your options.


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