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An Austin Attorney For Paternity Issues

Once paternity is established, a mother can collect child support for her child and a father can demand parental time with his son or daughter. A paternity or parentage case can be initiated by a mother or a father. In cases where a putative father is uncooperative, the court can order a DNA paternity test. Alternatively, if a father is interested in establishing visitation with his child, once DNA results are confirmed by the court, the next stage in the legal process toward establishing parenting time can take place. At the law office of Gregory Hitt, I represent both mothers and fathers in paternity cases. I can file all necessary paperwork needed for ordering a paternity test and initiate the legal process afterwards for demand child support or parenting time.

If you are interested in establishing the paternity of your child, contact Austin, Texas, parentage lawyer Gregory Hitt today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.

The Legal Obligations And Rights Associated With Paternity

Once paternity is confirmed, the following kinds of legal rights and obligations are initiated for both father and child:

  • Child support obligations
  • Child’s right to medical coverage under father’s benefits plan
  • Child’s right to father’s Social Security death benefits
  • Child’s right as an heir against his or her father’s estate during probate
  • Father’s rights to parenting time
  • Father’s right to challenge the adoption of his child under certain conditions
  • Father’s right to medical information on his child
  • Father’s right to challenge a parental relocation attempt on the part of the child’s mother

Parenting Time, Child Support, And Paternity

If DNA tests confirm that you are the father of a child, you can demand parenting time with him or her, regardless of the wishes of the mother. While the court will review whether you pose a threat to a child, after the court determines that a relationship with you is in the best interest of a child, there is little or nothing the mother can do to prevent you from spending time with your child. If the child’s mother attempts to move away or deny you access to your child, you can file a contempt of court order and force a child’s mother to comply with your visitation rights.

In cases where you are the mother of a child and interested in collecting child support for him or her, once paternity is established the father will be required to pay child support. If your child’s father refuses to pay or doesn’t pay the amount ordered by the court, his wages may be garnished, he may lose his driver’s license, or he may be put in jail.

Contact Austin, Texas, Paternity Lawyer Gregory Hitt

Establishing the paternity of a child is a relatively straightforward process in Texas. If you have questions about paternity and how it affects child support and parenting time rights, contact Austin, Texas, paternity attorney Gregory Hitt today. Call 512-774-6696.

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