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Knowledge Of Parenting Plan Laws In Texas

The state of Texas provides a fair amount of latitude to parents in determining custody arrangements and parenting plan schedules. Due to work, geographical separation and other issues, not all families can adopt a “5-2, 2-5” parenting plan that splits days and weekends equally between parents. As a result, parents have the option of entering into mediation or the collaborative law process in order to create a nonstandard parenting plan that makes the most sense for them and their children. At the law office of Gregory Hitt, I help parents create custody arrangements and parenting plans customized to the unique needs of their situation. Since the court must review and approve proposed parenting plans, I make sure your parenting plan incorporates issues of interest and concern to the court. Keep in mind that if you and your ex-spouse cannot agree on a parenting plan or custody arrangement, a judge will review your case and decide the matter for you.

If you are interested in creating a parenting plan custom-fitted to the unique needs of your situation, contact child custody lawyer Gregory Hitt today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case and how I can help you.

Sitting Down To Develop A Parenting Plan

When sitting down to create a parenting plan, parents should anticipate potential problems, specify how certain issues are to be handled, and take into consideration differences in schedules. As such, when creating a parenting plan, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • A child’s school calendar and a regular calendar
  • The work schedule of each parent
  • Civil and school holidays and days off
  • Specify when weekends begin and end
  • If alternating holiday parenting time, specify what holidays are included and how the alternation will work
  • Provide back up plans in case unexpected events arise
  • If one or both parents travel on business, indicate how missed parenting time will be handled
  • Specify how contact numbers will be shared during visitation or vacation
  • Make sure each parent has access to medical records and the legal authority to make emergency medical decisions
  • Determine drop-off and pickup responsibilities for music lessons, sports, after school events, etc. will be shared or handled

Addressing Financial Issues And Custody Arrangements

A common source of contention between parents is the sharing of expenses for vacations, medical coverage, education, music lessons, etc. In order to avoid potential problems and legal complications, it’s in your best interest to address how certain financial issues will be handled with regard to custody and parenting time. For example, specifying who will pay for travel costs or costs associated with going on vacation can reduce the likelihood of arguments later. Additionally, it’s also important for parents to understand that custody arrangements can affect the amount of child support a parent is ordered to pay. If custody is shared 50-50, it’s very likely that the amount of child support paid will be reduced.

Contact Austin, Texas, Parenting Plan Attorney Gregory Hitt Today

It’s important for you to negotiate a child custody or parenting plan arrangement you won’t regret for the rest of your life. Take the time to learn how careful planning now can save your regret and frustration later — contact Austin, Texas, parenting plan attorney Gregory Hitt today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case by calling 512-774-6696.

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